COZZINE is a family business, traditionally known for their products’ quality and fine taste.

Since its inception in 1999, Graça’s Torradas, as it is marketed in its home country, Brazil, is dedicated to manufacturing products with healthy differential and unmistakable taste. Its ingredients are selected, without artificial colorings and unique combinations, resulting in a crisp and perfect texture toast.

This pioneering company started its activities through handicraft production in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro. Today it brings as a result of hard work, effort and innovation, its brand recognition in the domestic market by the best establishments. Over the years, it has constantly invested in equipment, technology and human resources to deliver a product of incomparable quality.

It is essentially a brazilian company, ahead of their time and leader on toasts, which has led increasingly further and further the irresistible taste of their products. Through its brand COZZINE is gaining new tastes every single day around the world.



Our toasts will turn your everyday life into practicality and taste. It is a healthy way to start your day, accompanying your main meals, or even alleviating hunger during breaks. Always a quality option!

COZZINE mini toasts have vibrant colors because of their selected ingredients, without artificial colorings. They are a great choice to compose your cocktail with a touch of charm and delicacy, providing the pleasure of tasting good.

Due to its versatility, convenience, beauty and healthy option, it also caters the food service market, composing hotels, restaurants and cafes menu plans.

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Contact in Brazil
Graças Torradas / Cozzine
Rua Quissamã, n. 1931, Bloco V-A – Unidade 20
Quissamã | Petrópolis | Rio de Janeiro | Brasil
+55 24 2243.0890 | +55 24 2231.6908

Export Contact
Vogel International Business Solutions
Petrópolis | Rio de Janeiro | Brasil
+55 24 99952.1926